A lot of people are talking about a return of the feminine, and embracing our feminine nature. We are not actually returning as much as we are embracing. We’re embracing something that has been here all along.

And while there is a lot of talk about intention and energy and the feminine, there seems to be little actually written about HOW this all comes together in a way that is easy to work with and really makes a difference.

We’ve worked so hard to be good enough and fit into a system of power that NEVER supported the feminine and never will. The current system of business and commerce was created as a masculine power system, and as brilliant feminine leaders,  we simply cannot function at our highest and best in a system that doesn’t support feminine brilliance and energy.

It’s time for the brilliance of women to master their manifesting,  step into leadership positions and change the world!

In my work with thousands of people,  I developed a body centric process for stepping  through fear,  stepping into brilliance and mastering your manifesting.   It’s time.  It’s YOUR time to allow your brilliant feminine leader to emerge.

Your entire life and business is in your body and understanding this is the basis of my coaching philosophy and the way that I look at business development. This understanding inspired me to create a map, a path for women to manifest and become fearless leaders – using the power of their body. I call it the feminine manifesting map.

As women we’ve been training to focus on thinking, planning and productivity. This kind of focus can make it easy to “take leave of our senses” causing a major disconnect from our body. It can make us feel tired, not connected, and confused and craving a passionate and juicy life.

The bottom line is that what is happening in your body has everything to do with what is happening or not happening in your business and life.

If there was a body centered process to come out of hiding, BE that powerful leader you know you can be and create a life and a business that supports who you really are, would you want to know more?

Awakening power is all about turning on your awakening your ability to feel more confident, to create success, abundance, joy and love with the most potent source of power on the planet… your sensuality.

Science now tells us that when a woman experiences pleasure – and, even before that, when she feels empowered to think about pleasurable activities, including sex, her brain gets a huge boost of confidence-inspiring neurotransmitters. 

The feel-good quality of orgasm yields very specific states of mind. It produces dopamine which could be called the ultimate empowerment for women because dopamine inspires actions such as motivation and accomplishment of goals. This translates to trust in your own intuition and judgment and, most notably of all, confidence.

In a nutshell: pleasure empowers confidence, creativity, and connection for women. If you had an unlimited source of confidence and creativity, how would that enhance your life and your business?

Can you imagine being more successful because you have the confidence to ask for that raise or ask for the sale? Or expanding your creativity, creating new and innovative experiences for your clients and at the same time feeling deeply connected to the universe?

This is the experience of Awakening Power. Our life-force energy IS our power, and that life-force is fueled by pleasure.