spiritual meditation

Once you experience the power of yoga, you never want to go back. Even a few beginning classes will give you the perspective and breathing power to make a big impact on your life. Yoga is about turning your thoughts inward and concentrating on the healing power of breathing and connecting mind and body. Awakening Power wants to bring the connection between mind and body into your career as well. See what can be achieved through a practice in yoga, and contact me at Awakening Power to see how you can use that energy in your career. I am a life coach and career coach that continually strives to enhance your success.

confidence coachingWhat You Lose From Yoga

Weight: A wonderful loss that can be achieved through yoga is weight. Using your muscles in a mindful manner, you can see results in the tone of your muscles and fat begins to shed. Steady breaths in, steady breathes out, focus on the change within yourself and you no longer need to worry about the weight of the world pushing you down.

Comparisons: Without yoga and inward thoughts, it is impossible not to fall into the error of comparing yourself with others. You are beautiful and strong and capable of achieving greatness. Focus on the beauty of individuality, see people for what they are, two legs, facial features; one person eats, sleeps, breathes and drinks the same way as every other person. Train your brain to be strong in the knowledge that comparisons are defeating and individuality is strength.

Doubt: When practicing yoga, there is no room for doubt. Breathing out all feelings of fear and doubt of your self-worth, you can achieve the balance needed to take in all of your flaws and love them equally. When we are constantly questioning ourselves, there isn’t any room for growth and results in a loss of confidence. Breathe out all of the self-hate and doubt and say to yourself, “I am strong and confident.”

career coachWhat You Gain From Yoga

Energy: When you are going through the flow of movement and breathing, you are aware of
every muscle and how everything is connected. The increasing heart rate, the flow of blood, focusing your thoughts inwardly, we gain a new energy. An energy that is brought forth by using our thoughts and our movements to give our mind a boost.

Confidence: Through yoga, your mind and body can stretch out and become the source of an energy that will allow your confidence to be unlimited. When your mind is focused on purely loving yourself, there is nothing left but to exude confidence in every breath. Through the confidence that yoga brings, you can have a stronger self, stronger mind, and stronger career.

Strength: Holding a difficult yoga pose, letting your muscles begin to ache, not only leads to a strength of the body but a strength of the mind. When you challenge yourself to breath steady, remain mindful and soulful, the strength of the spirit will win over any outside struggle. The world is full of stress and daily challenges, but hold true to yourself and you can see your inner strength begin to grow.

Yoga is a practice of the mind and the body and connecting the two by focusing on calming your thoughts and energizing your body. With my spiritual meditation and confidence coaching, we can work and breathe together to energize your life and career. With the strength and energy that is gained from a regular practice of yoga, you will see what opportunities arrive. Contact me today to learn what we can achieve together.