Highly Conscious Cannabis Meditation Circles

It is not stress that kills us, it is our reaction to it.

This immersive meditation experience is cannabis based and here’s why.

Cannabis has been shown to be neuro regenerative to the hippocampus and to have anti anxiety and anti depressant type effects.

Because stress and trauma trigger the hippocampus to start the flight or fight response, healing the hippocampus and creating new neural pathways helps us see stress and traumatic experiences in a new way.

This creates a new pathway in the brain.

When the same messages of trauma and stress continue to roll through the nervous system, you stay stuck in the same patterns. In order to shift that pattern you have to create new neural pathways.

And to create a new pathway, you have to

Become aware of what isn’t serving you anymore

  • Rewire the brain and nervous system to see the old story in a different light

  • Acknowledge the new way of being in your mind and body through different choices, actions and responses.

But here’s the thing - most people can’t sit in meditation for more than a few seconds. In fact, the average person has an attention span less than that of a goldfish. And most people don’t really feel their body, so if you can’t quiet your mind or feel your body, how do you heal trauma?

Cannabis quiets the logical mind and unlocks the expanded part of your nature. And it enhances body awareness so you can feel where your body needs healing. Cannabis allows the mind and body to heal in a gentle way. You receive wisdom and insight that is a permanent upgrade in the way you see yourself and your story.

We begin each journey by creating sacred space together as a community. I'll share some guidelines on how to approach this experience in a mindful and intentional way.

Then we’ll practice a sacred imbibing ceremony and I’ll begin a guided relaxation. After this you’ll be invited to journey with music curated for it’s evocative qualities.

We imbibe as a group and then guide you through a body scan relaxation. After this we invite you to lie down and journey with our curated evocative music set. I am there with you for the entire experience. I’ll bring you back into the room, integrate, ground, process. Light snacks are provided and I’ll make sure everyone is fully present before leaving.

Cannabis is a potent plant ally that both supports our journey of healing and in regaining ancient relationship with primal spirituality through plants as allies.

The advantages to using cannabis as a plant medicine are three fold:

1) It’s legal.

2) cannabis supports the person to have free will to dive as deep as they are ready to. Many other plant medicines determine the path of healing: cannabis allows you to create an intention and co-create the experience.

3) the cannabis journey can be modulated by imbibing the correct ratio of medicine, thus allowing you to journey for the afternoon or evening, integrate and then step back into the flow of life.

In keeping with Colorado law, Highly Conscious Cannabis Meditations that are in person are offered by invitation only. Cost is $20 to attend. When attending in person, you must be over 18. You must arrange for transportation after the journey. Online events are offered at no charge and you can RSVP below.

We do not provide plant medicine, please bring your own to use.

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