Every experience we have is connected to our breath . . . whether joy, grief or pain, breathing is the “save button” of the emotions in the body. Consciously changing HOW you breathe for a period of time releases emotions and beliefs.

Breathwork builds a bridge between the conscious and the subconscious, releasing stress, memories and beliefs by saturating the body with life force energy. It creates the feeling of being powerful, present, charismatic, alive, and delighted. Motivation and clarity are high with the power to move forward, and the ability to catalyze, create, and manifest more radiance and power.

Through the breath we are releasing reactive tendencies by pumping more life force energy to all parts of the body and connecting the left and right hemispheres of the brain. It’s been said that if we changed nothing but our breathing (not our eating , exercise or habits) we would radically change our life.

Breathwork teaches the fundamentals for achieving freedom and catalyzes a leap in consciousness and authenticity. Backed by years of scientific research, breathwork is the most potent and drug-free solution to wake you up. It does this by allowing you to access non-ordinary states of consciousness, clearing deeply ingrained patterns of struggle and chaos and putting you in touch with your deepest intuition.

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