Only when you belong to yourself can you feel that you belong to the Divine. Belonging happens when transparency and trust catalyze, like twin flame souls reuniting after long eons of searching for each other. A deep release happens, all the sadness, the longing, the not good enough, the secret fear that you are the only damaged one, falls away. With life coaching, you will begin to learn confidence and spiritual success in order to feel that you belong.

Everyone wants to belong. We want to belong at such a deep visceral level that when we’ve experienced it and lost it, a piece of our soul breaks away. Whether you believe in God or Jesus or “nothing at all” there’s still an impulse, a longing to feel connected to something greater than us. It truly is hardwired into humans.

typography-quotes-v2-011-003-300x300Not belonging, being the outsider, you are invisible. Not acknowledged, not seen. In the movie Avatar, the greeting given is I SEE YOU. A profound gift to be sure. In my work as a life coach, spiritual coach, and healer, I’m always struck by what people will do to be seen. To what lengths they will go to have someone truly see them. And it’s this deep need, to no longer be invisible, that drives belonging.

I’m not talking about just being invisible to others, but about all the ways that we are invisible to ourselves. The places we don’t acknowledge, accept, own, rejoice in. Like the principle of homeopathy, naming the limitation cures it. Once you truly allow all of yourself to belong to you, the cage opens and you’re free to accecpt your own confidence and power. You are at home with yourself and right with God.

Jay Michaelson wrote “There’s no path to liberation that doesn’t pass through the shadow.” We create so many reasons in our mind about why we can’t and don’t belong and never will.

wpid-wp-1437597381930-199x300Reasons to justify the hurt and the anguish that feels like an open wound that you keep accidentally hitting. Reasons to give more juice to the electric fence of limitations. Other people might not like us. We’ll be free but alone. Releasing limitations means we (again) won’t belong. We instinctively know that liberation means an end to things as we know it, that it really is the “end of the world as we know it”.

Melissa Etheridge said it this way:

I can feel the thunder underneath my feet

When I sold my soul for freedom.

It’s lonely but it’s sweet.

Liberation comes calling at the appointed time. Much like the birth of a child or the timing of a funeral, your appointment with liberation can be delayed but never cancelled. You either take the meeting or you leave this life and begin again. “There is nothing a man can do to liberate himself if his time of divine liberation has not come. But when the time comes, nothing can stop it.”

Even if we are physically imprisoned and unable to fulfill our own spiritual desires and wishes, if the mind is free, liberation is sure. Thoughts are the creators of limitation. Belonging to yourself invites liberation which then creates a deep connection to the Divine.

What happens on the other side of belonging to myself? Who would I be if I belonged to myself all the time? What is the outcome of experiencing divine connection?

Deep, soul satisfying confidence and success. The confidence that Daniel had when we walked into the lion’s den. Unshakable faith that God, the creator of the Universe, is on your side, and not only on your side, that the Force has your back. It’s always more powerful than any human condition. No matter what you believe in or call it – the Universes, Spirit, God, Jesus or just a knowing- that thing, THAT THING, holds you. Connection to the Divine makes you feel invincible, highly favored and greatly blessed.

May you find your spiritual connection to the Divine today.

dawn-todd-author-profile-image-250x250Dawn Todd is the founder of Wildly Successful Women, a business networking Meetup Group of 6,000+ women owned businesses and women entrepreneurs, and the Go-To Authority on Manifesting Money, Prosperity and Business Success.

With over twenty-five years as an energy medicine teacher and practitioner and ten years as an author, speaker and Executive & Business Coach and Consultant, Dawn brings a deep understanding of sacred feminine energy, prosperity consciousness and intention alongside grounded business practices.

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