1. successful women

    Are You a Transformational Entrepreneur?

    It's so important for business coaches and healers to understand what a transformational entrepreneur really is and how we are different from the average self-employed person. It's an important distinction because as business mentors, we see things much differently than most in the business world. There's no right or wrong here,  it's just different. A transformational entrepreneur is a business …Read More

  2. successful women

    5 Ways to Uplevel Your Credibility

    If you want to earn top dollar for your business coaching programs, it’s clear you’ll first have to become the successful woman that is the go-to expert in your niche. You’re likely already working toward that goal, and probably have been for some time, but if you’re not quite there yet, here’s how to jumpstart your career. Content Creation. This is by far the most important thing you ca…Read More

  3. The Real Way to “Sell Coaching”

    Want to know what keeps a lot of coaches and service providers from charging what they’re really It’s that all-too-common belief that “I am not a sales person.” Combine that with a healthy dose of “It’s rude to discuss money,” and you can see why it’s just easier to keep your rates low. It’s time to think of your services from a different angle. Not only will you see things in a…Read More

  4. How Do Women Manifest?

    More and more, women are being tapped for prominent positions in politics, government and business.  In the last six months,  GM appointed their first female CEO,  following the lead of PepsiCo,  IBM, HP,  and DuPont, who all have women at the helm as CEO.    And of course the appointment of Janet Helm as first female chair of Federal Reserve leaves no choice but to acknowledge that the e…Read More

  5. Spiritual Leadership for Powerful Women

    Only when you belong to  yourself can you feel that you belong to the Divine.  Belonging happens when transparency and trust catalyze,  like twin flame souls reuniting after long eons of searching for each other.  A deep release happens,  all the sadness, the longing, the not good enough, the secret fear that you are the only damaged one, falls away. Everyone wants to belong.  We want to bel…Read More

  6. The Glow of Feminine Leadership

    “Feminine power isn’t something we go out and acquire, it’s already within us. It’s something we become willing to experience and something to admit that we have.”  – Marianne Williamson. In working with women from all over the country it has become so clear that it is the inner glow that attracts success.   It doesn't really matter what marketing trick or strategy you use. If you ha…Read More

  7. What Sustains You?

    Joie de vivre. The Joy of Life. What is it that sustains you from the inside out? What self care ritual, what self love extravaganza can you invite that nourishes you? Self care is the only way to stay connected to Source and we must create the container to allow receiving in order to create transformation for others. Joie de vivre is a French phrase that means, literally, the joy of living. It’…Read More

  8. You are HERE

    I started this blog because I wanted a place to write about the things that really make me happy, that create such an upsurge of energy that I can't help but feel good. It seems life is so hectic that we seldom remember to simply be in the moment and feel happy. I was walking down the street a few days ago looking for a particular store. I looked on the marquee that showed the location of all of t…Read More

  9. Feminine Leadership Affirmations

    Make money and change the world. Affirmations are so powerful. . .and here are a few that I love as I walk the path of feminine leadership. I know I make a difference in the world. Everyone makes a difference in the world, including me. I change the lives of those I come in contact with for the better. I examine my past and see my impact on others. My friends have been changed by my presence. My c…Read More

  10. Creating Intentional Joy

    Let’s get on the right track today and talk about your everyday sources of positive thinking. It really is easy to start thinking in this manner. Pleasant thoughts are easily absorbed into your mind and make you feel better quickly. The Mayo Clinic has actually done research on the results of positive thinking. By changing your mindset you can relieve depression, live a longer life, relieve stre…Read More