happy-women-197x300If you want to be successful in business and in life, listen up. There’s a beautiful connection between your feminine sensuality and how it manifests itself in your bank account. With a career coach, you will see your success grow, you will feel a boost in your confidence, and you will make a difference in being a woman leader. Life coaching is more than just giving a motivational talk, it encompasses all aspects of your life. With improved sensuality and a successful mindset, you will experience a growth of your feminine power that you have never felt before.

Let me ask you a question: does a healthy dose of sexual magnetism equal abundance? YES!!

So if your income depends on your actions and your mindset, you might want to listen up.

What would you say if I told you that the beliefs you have about money and the way that you use money are the very same beliefs that you have about sex. In fact, the energy of money is directly connected to our sensual nature.

What if the real purpose of money was NOT to simply support us? What if what you thought about sensuality and money was not true at all? Unhealed and outdated beliefs about money, influence and pleasure are the number one reason that women in business don’t make money.

Changing how you think about these will make or break your success as a woman in business.

So many women love the idea of having a business. Is this you? You know that you have to work to bring to the world what only you can bring; and you long with every fiber of your being to step into that. . .and something stops you.

It’s heartbreaking. I feel that. Maybe you feel the fear and do it anyway, overriding your inner doubts, pushing through. After a while, you feel worn out, depleted, exhausted and you stop getting the same results.

Maybe you feel unsure about the whole process because you feel like you don’t have a crystal clear understanding of what your product or service actually IS or DOES for people.

Can you tell that I’ve talked to a lot of women about this?

What is actually happening in the situations I talked about? It’s actually the very same thing in all three examples: low life force energy, a lack of alignment between your womb and your heart, and feminine shadows running the show.

When the low life force energy that wipes out our libido it is instantly reflected in feeling drained, depressed, flat, and (no coincidence) a flat bank account.

The alignment between womb and heart is critical for women. It is the connection between essence and our heart and how that is expressed.

Your business is a direct mirror of your sexual vitality. Recognizing this connection is critical for powerful female entrepreneurs. The abundance you work so hard to create is actually intimately connected to your womb. This is why, when things are going well, you feel in the flow of life. Everything is easy. When you’re cut off from your sexual energy, everything things begin to stagnate.

Even Napoleon Hill, the author of Think and Grow Rich, wrote a chapter called “Mystery of Sex Transmutation”. In 1923, he rated the 10great motivators of human behavior from the “highest rates of vibration” to the lowest:

  1. The desire for sexual expression
  2. Love
  3. A burning desire for fame, power, financial gain, money

DESIRE is the most important element here. What is it that you desire? Think about when you were in love, deep desire with every fiber of your being for this person. . desire. That’s what fuels our ability to manifest. . the same passion and desire starts in the womb.

If you are ready to feel totally empowered, experience deep financial abundance, have more connected and satisfying sex and live in the spontaneous joy of life, then it’s time to activate your powers. What are you waiting for?? Let me work with you as your life coach and you will see how powerful your feminine sensuality can be. You will see this difference in your business, you will feel more confident, and your self love will be enhanced. See what a difference a career coach can make.