Awaken Your Sensual and Feminine Power

Awakening Power. Awakening your ability to feel more confident, to create success, abundance, joy and love with the most potent source of power on the planet… your sensuality.

power-pageScience now tells us that when a woman experiences pleasure – and, even before that, when she feels empowered to think about pleasurable activities, including sex, her brain gets a huge boost of confidence-inspiring neurotransmitters. 

The feel-good quality of orgasm yields very specific states of mind. It produces dopamine which could be called the ultimate empowerment for women because dopamine inspires actions such as motivation and accomplishment of goals. This translates to trust in your own intuition and judgment and, most notably of all, confidence.

In a nutshell: orgasm empowers confidence, creativity, and connection for women. If you had an unlimited source of confidence and creativity, how would that enhance your life and your business?

Can you imagine being more successful because you have the confidence to ask for that raise or ask for the sale? Or expanding your creativity, creating new and innovative experiences for your clients and at the same time feeling deeply connected to the universe?

This is the experience of Awakening Power. Our life-force energy IS our power, and that life-force is fueled by orgasm. 

Sensuality? Feeling good? And straight up sex? It feels like a long forgotten dream. And it is exactly what will bring you back to yourself (and amp up your profit margin at the same time!)

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