You want to wake up to a life that you love and get paid for it AND you want to be able to manifest in a powerful and predictable way.  It’s not too much to ask, right?

Everyone has a calling and a mission, and you do too. The confusion comes when women can’t find our way to exactly what that calling is and then feel stuck when it comes to taking action to make it happen. Before we can manifest the amazing life we’ve come to live, it’s important to understand how we’ve created what we’ve got. And that’s where a Soul Messaging Session can help.

Here’s the deal: Working with the Akashic records is all about connecting the dots between agreements and declarations made and what you’re experiencing now. And as we observe these agreements, we actually change the outcome simply by the act of observing them. And that means you can let go of things that are holding you in place and finally experience the liberation and success you came to live!

I am a very bottom line, let’s make money, kind of life coach. That only really happens with soul congruence, and that is why I feel it is so important to add this to the way we work with businesses.

In this two hour experience, you and I will:
• Access your Akashic records for your personal soul message and mission.
• Look at the five foundations of your life: money, health, relationship, work and spirituality, and then connect and identify what may be keeping you from successfully mastering your manifesting and making more money.

You’ll leave with a Soul Purpose Statement, an understanding of how you manifest and your best go-to strategies, and a deep soul congruence for your work, your money and your life. Your investment is $297.

For more information,  click here.  to schedule this so I can gather all the information I need to research your records.